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Online Music Promotion – 5 Killer Strategies For Promoting Your Individual Music on the internet

Online music promotion gets more and more important nowadays. It’s helped the kind of Rhianna achieve millions around the world that’s no coincidence that her YouTube videos have some of views. So, how does one promote yourself online? Inside the following sentences, I’ll hand out 5 appear advice for promoting your individual music online.




Every band and artist requires a MySpace page. Yes, individuals pages look somewhat goofy and cobbled together nonetheless it suits the songs industry because it is full of people which don’t conform. So a great factor!


Produce a new account at MySpace and make certain a subscription just as one “artist”. Upload four in the MP3s and cause them to autoplay when we visit your site. Give a emblem too (have it outsourced for Five Dollars at if you do not presently get one). Adding photos (require some with no already!).


Before a gig, ensure that you blast an e-mail for that buddies whenever you fix to start dating ? additionally to a few days before.




Only within the last number of a few days have bands and corporations really began to learn from Facebook. The great factor regarding this platform is the fact if somebody clicks the “Like” button, it seems on their own news feed and a lot of from the buddies will find it. Your band can “go viral” on Facebook and you’ll make the most of it.

How To Promote Your Music Online



Every artist or band requires a YouTube funnel. Upload all your footage there. Ask somebody to experience a camcorder and record each and every gig. Even take videos in the jamming or practice sessions – people around the globe will most likely have an interest as well as improve the business.


Press Bulletins


Journalists around the globe scan the press bulletins to uncover something to create about. You need to certainly issue regular press bulletins for individuals who’ve anything unfamiliar with say e.g. new gigs, new songs you are focusing on, other projects etc.




You must have an e-mail list that people can join out of your all of your online channels. You can periodically send people news additionally to offers and promotions on merchandise etc. This enables you to earn money quite at first you can reinvest back for increasingly more more promotions.


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