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The easiest method to Calculate the Shrinkage of Metal Clay

Finding out how much clay shrinks, and the ways to use that shrinkage is most likely the essential skills essential to help with metal clay. Should you ever wish to make a complex piece, eventually you’ll have problems with the proportion of shrinkage the clay may have.

With techniques, “I’m capable of identify the shrinkage rate online.” True, but Let me explain that there might be wide variations in the shrinkage rate printed web the particular rate you are getting. There are lots of variables-for example firing methods, equipment, clay type, etc. Several of these can take into account for that actual results. And, it appears like every day a totally new clay type comes available on the market. Why wait to understand the shrinkage rate?

Within my “artist existence”, one task I frequently had was calculating proportions. Meaning, exercising the amount of a picture or artwork ought to be enlarged or reduced to complement my layout.

After I started to utilize metal clay, I recognized that calculating shrinkage is similar to calculating proportions. I learned to train on a calculator plus a straightforward formula: divide the size you’ll need (your target size) using the size you’ve (your artwork’s actual size).

Just how can this communicate with calculating the shrinkage of metal clay? Divide the size you’ll need (it is the shrinkage rate-therefore, it is the publish-fired size just a little) using the size you’ve (your piece’s original pre-fired size).

I carefully measure every bit before I fire it, take notes, then measure it again after firing. Let us say I created a silver test strip, 13 x 30 mm. After firing it had been 11 x 25.5 mm. This is the way I calculate the shrinkage rate: the smaller sized sized sized dimension is my target size (remember, shrinkage dimension is that which you want-so the smaller sized sized sized number is our target number). 11÷13=.846 (85). 25.5÷30=.85.

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Meaning my piece elevated to obtain 85% within the size it absolutely was formerly. However, you need to understand percentage it shrank. Remove 85 from 100, which equals 15. The shrinkage rates are 15%.

Itrrrs worth remembering that you’ll offer some shrinkage within the drying process before your piece is fired. This can be frequently affected by how strongly you dry the clay, for instance round the warming plate as opposed to air drying.

You will observe variations in your shrinkage after firing, but keep calculating your pieces and analyzing the shrinkage. Before extended a design emerges and you’ll evaluate which the standard shrinkage rates are for the kind of clay.


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